Unsure how to pay tax and insurance when self employed

Could I glean some simplified information from someone experienced in these matters. My son has just gained employment working as part of gang in construction. They are construction sub contractors and as such have to pay their own tax and NI. I have tried to get my head around the Tax website but it does appear very complicated. I am aware that sub contracting is different from ordinairy self employment. He earns £400 per week, do I just rely on a self assessment tax return and how much should he putting away to cover same. Many thanks
21:28 Fri 03rd Feb 2012
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Is this site relevant?
He must contact the tax office and apply for a C.I.S. card.This card will determine his tax status..ie..is he to be payed net of tax .....or (if he meets certain criteria)the full amount...to be taxed at a later date. Failure to do this could result in a fine for both him and the employer.
As Bright Spark points out, the construction industry is treated very differently when it comes to self-employment / contracting to most other trades and services providers because of a long-standing historical abuse by those in the industry to evade tax and NI by working cash-in-hand.
That is the origin of why the CIS scheme was invented.
Yes he needs a Construction Industry Scheme NI card your son’s employers should be able to assist him with obtaining this and any other matters he is not clear over.
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many thanks for those great replies

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