Are interviews generally more harder with a panel of 3 people ? I got one very soon and I'm panicking. I already have a stammer.
16:50 Thu 02nd Feb 2012
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No harder than with one as they can only ask one question at a time.

Just be careful that one will be there to wind you up, one to watch and one to moderate ask the benign questions.
Three is not to bad, and I find interviews are better when there's more than one person there as you can move your gaze around while you are answering, which is easier than looking one person in the eye for 45 minutes.

I once applied for a job at a barristers chambers and although I didn't fully match the person spec I was shortlisted for interview. When I got there I was faced by a panel of 12 barristers sitting round a huge oval table and they grilled me for an hour. Now that was tough going. I didn't get the job.
Stop worrying:(a) know everything you can about the organisation before, (b) mind your body-language i.e. avoid looking cringeing or begging etc, (c) answer each question with modest-looking confidence, (d) look each questioner in friendly eye-eye, (e) a bit of anxiety is natural but no "err" - just pause "thoughtfully", (f) if you don't know answer say "I'd have to consider that one", (g) Prepare what you can offer to the job. Good luck CC!
P.S. Stammer no problem and does not reflect on your intelligence or productivity. Can be to your advantage versus over-confident "know-it-all" arrogance.
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Stammering has always been an issue esp when it comes to job interviews. The less people in the panel and the more informal the less I stammer. I wonder how other stammerers cope when it comes to job interviews?
I'd be nervous too clinkatyclank, but one tactic is to go in with a bit bright smile and a confident hello to each of the three people. Its well known that first impressions are made in 15 seconds. The rest is history, so make a confident welcome and you will all feel slightly more relaxed I'm sure.

Good luck.

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