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I am currently employed as a bench joiner working in a Joiners Shop(i never go on site). If i were to go self employed but stay with the same company. would i be able to claim mileage allowance for my journey to work which is approximately a 60 mile round trip.
23:13 Sat 26th Mar 2011
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Unfortunatley if you only work for the one company you're unlikley to be able to go self employed. However if you could, you would be able to offset the fuel costs against tax but I doubt if you could claim the money from the Joiners Shop if that's what you meant.
The only way you could be self employed and work with the one company would be for them to employ you as a contractor - but it's a dodgy way to do it, you have to keep all your own tax records and if you only work for the one company, the taxman's likely to say that you are not really self-employed.
There's a similar thread about self-employment here http://www.theanswerb.../Question1001428.html
no, travel to your normal place of work is not claimable

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