What qualifacations do you need to become an embalmer

Any info on this subject would be good! Thanks
19:04 Tue 30th Jan 2007
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Hi...I found this, not sure if you've already seen this?

To obtain a professional qualification in embalming you will first need to find a relevant job and register with a tutor accredited by the British Institute of Embalmers (BIE). Please see Further Information section for contact details.

Further information
British Institute of Embalmers
Anubis House
21c Station Road
West Midlands
B93 0HL
Tel: 01564 778991
Their are courses via learndirect Which deal with embalming, (maybe other companies too) but they will only Sign you up if you already work for a funeral director. Heres the advice I was given....Work as an assistant in a funeral director/crematorium/ other similar institution (for some reason, driving license is required), and then find out if they assist with courses in embalming. they will either train you or work into your contract to attend college for one day maybe. but the first thing I was told to do was work for funeral director/cremaoirium etc
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Many thanks for your informative answer, the problem is that not many of the assistant post are really avalible in Scotland, have applied to a post, but to no avail. But was later told by a stonemason, that woman havent got the body strength ! ( well i may get sore arms drying my hair but come on! ha ha!. So i gather that is the type of work you do? tell me more!pls
Regards alinic
Its not my proffesion, although I wish it was. Id love to do it, I just cant afford to follow my dreams at the moment with a mortgage and family :-( !! lol
Keep trying if its meant to be, you will get their!

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