is it right

i work 37 half hours a week, i do 10 till 6 with only half hour break all day, i signed a new contract recently saying i will have two deps sharing with someone else, and now they decided i will be doing this on my own with no help i tried talking to the manager about this and saying i am not happy about it cos that is not what i signed the contract for, i would not of signed it if i was doing this by myself, it is so stressful i don't know what to do the manager just says 'you have to do it' but i cant, its like doing 2 peoples jobs sometimes more depends on what needs doing, i just wish i can get them to understand.
21:14 Fri 04th Nov 2011
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what shall i do
Whether you've signed a contract or not, you are only human.

Work hard, do your best and show willing but don't make yourself ill. Report regularly to your line manager and let them know about the work you're unable to finish on your own and once it all piles up and there's a back log, keep raising the alarm and maybe they'll send in some more resources.
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thank you
Too many companies getting like this Rach these days. I think they are trying to cut costs be getting more production out of staff by cracking a big whip.
Try to show willing .. but don't let it get on top of you.

GL Al x
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thank you will do

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