Qualifications Needed to Be a Paramedic

Qualifications Needed to Be a Paramedic
12:09 Mon 06th Nov 2006
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No formal qualifications needed at all.
I became a paramedic 4 years ago after 10 years working as a bar manager.
I was trained by the NHS who paid me a 18k salary for my years training and then once qualified after that year my salary went up to 28k! I'm now up to 40k!
The NHS is screaming out for trainee paramedics. All you need is a good knowledge of English and must be aged between 18 and 55.
�40k a year? Jeez. Which trust do you work for Sponsmith?
Might thoughts also. 40K sounds like you do more than your average paramedic.
Sorry guys.
Meant �30k.
Even 30K sounds more than yur average NHS pay for a paramedic. That certainly wasn't the pay when I last checked!
Yeah but i get 6k in london weighting.
Speaking from my own experience (I'm not sure if other trusts have the same procedures), after they accepted my application, I was asked to attend an assessment, which lasted a 1/2 day. This consisted of:
A written exam (you will be sent materials to learn beforehand)
A short driving test (you need to have a driving licence)
A lifting assessment (I would recommend going to the gym and building some upper body strength - they won't accept you if you can't lift a certain weight - can't remember what it is now)
An interview

You have to pass all of these in order for them to take your application forward.

You could join your local St John Ambulance to get a feel for it. That's voluntary and though just First Aid it will give you some insight and will show willing.
Based on my own experiences in a Midlands "Trust".You cannot become a "Paramedic" until you have first been appointed a "Technician" and served a qualifying period of time under constant assessment. Both positions are subject to constant evaluation and even becoming a Technician does not guarantee you will become a Paramedic. Testing is very rigorous and ongoing and covers a wide range of subjects.
Paramedics also have to do "Theatre" work and can be failed if not up to standard. It is no easy life, very stressful and pressurised but for those that really want it, very rewarding.
You can take loads of time off sick too!

Standard practice for any public sector worker.
I gave up the thought of becoming a paramedic after failing my Biology in my 3rd/4th year of Secondary school... *sob*
I think sponsmith should go back to being a flash barman. I'm guessing a dedication to patient care ain't top of his list.
Public sector worker and dedication don't mix!

I don't care what ayone says...it's true!
I'm 16 and I am considering a career in being a paramedic and i was wondering what the yearly wages are for beginners and what i have to do to become a paramedic?
I'm also thinking about becoming a paramedic, but wondering which GCSE's, if any, are needed or are useful?
I am a nurse, my partner a policeman and my friend is a paramedic. We are all very dedicated to our job and the majority of our colleagues are too. Im sorry to say that here are a small number of people like Sponsmith who let the side down.
Regarding qualifications to be a paramedic....you do have to be a teqnician first but get good pay and learn confidence and proffessionalism. It is a slog but working in this business is worth every minute.
Pay for paramedics who qualified pre 2004 and agenda for change are on around �30k, London is extra because of the weighting.
I'm a paramedic. come and visit my blog

Sponsmith stop talking nonsense with your 40k...then when you were rumbled and people in here actually know what they are talking about you change down to 30k...even then son you won't be on that. idiot. As for the Paramedics....now...you HAVE to do a 2 year diploma in paramedic health science...this is a fact...and if you donty do it...you cannot be a Paramedic. NHS do NOT train people anymore the Universities do. This is a FACT.
tom shaw is wrong. the nhs will train you. look at this link for proof

http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/cgi-bin/vacdetails.cgi? selection=912251986
I'm 19 and soon to be 20 years old. I never really knew what i wanted to do career wise but i always knew that i wanted a job that helps people...being a paramedic has always been on my list but i've never really known what i'd need to learn, which courses i'd need to take to have a chance at being one. Can somebody please inform me? my email address is - Adz1845@hotmail.co.uk

thank you

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