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I have lost all my details with regards my car insurance which I need to renew my tax. How do I find out who my car is insured with?
12:29 Sat 27th Sep 2008
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You can save yourself a whole lot of hassle by renewing online.

You don't need your insurance details as they check the database
I suggest you do some digging around in your records to find out who you paid the premium to, then contact them and get a duplicate certificate of insurance. The law says you have to produce it if required by a police officer, and if you are involved in an accident you must give your insurance details to the other party if required.
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Thank you, but they will not let me renew on line as the MOT runs out on 28th of Sept so even though it is booked in for MOT, because it is not valid on the first day of next month you are not allowed to do it on line.
Errr, memory?

How did you pay? if direct debit then your bank statement, if credit card your card statement

as long as your car is insured and it's listed in the motor insureance database ( http://www.askmid.com ) you could just get your tax online, then you won't need the paperwork

http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/Motoringt ransactions/BeforeyouapplyD/DG_10034732
That's right. You can't renew the VED online if there is not a currently valid MOT certificate.
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Thank you I appreciate the importance of the valid insurance details but was unaware the paperwork was missing until now . I cannot access the month of December on my internet banking to check who the premium was paid to. I was told by another insurance company (who I thought it might be )that there is a website who will search for you for a small fee. If I can find out what it is I could contact them for a replacement certificate
Are you sure you took out insurance? Can you remember how you bought it?
just enter your reg no here. This will at least tell you whether you have insurance or not- you should do this before you drive again
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I definitely have the insurance and thanks to the answer from chuckfickens I have been on the website and am on the car insurance database but it still doesn't give me the name of the company I went with. It was one that came up cheapest on one of the search engines.
try the search engines. I know that confused.com keeps your details in its system so it may be that you just need to sign in and itll give you your last quotes?
Your bank should be able to provide a copy of your December statement, even if it isn't available on internet banking.

Depending on the bank, they might also be able to bring the details up on their screen and just tell you over the phone.

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