Family Annual Travel Insurance

I need to buy some travel insurance for the family (2 adults and 2 kids), for Europe travel on an Annual basis.

At some stage, the wife will be travelling separate with the kids (ie. i wont be there).

I am looking for cover to do the above, and provide good insurance on baggage, cancellations, delays, etc.

Not intending on doing extreme sports.

Any ideas on specific companies to buy from (I have looked at, and there is a lot to take in.

10:38 Tue 01st Jul 2008
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the good old post office.

Kids go free, and an annual policy for europe will cost you �80 for the family.

That covers you for unlimited trips to Europe (max of 31 days per trip), and also for trips in the UK too.

Covers the lot......luggage, cancellation, camera's, MP3's etc, �250 in cash and all the other medical stuff.
It's underwritten by Fortis, and from personal experience, claims are paid in 1 week once you send the paperwork.

I work in a PO branch, and looked around for cover on the net, but all those exclusions......

You can purchase in-branch or online (
if you give it a go quote '0051047' and it keep me in a job :)

seriously though - It's been winner of the 'best travel insurance' at the industry awards for the last 2 years.
Sorry, I've no idea if it's relevant or not but on Radio 2 the other day they were going on about how many family insurance polices are ONLY valid if the whoel family travel together and wouldn't be valid in the circumstances described above where mum and kids travel separately to dad.
The PO one (underwritten by Fortis) will cover either parent travelling alone, or the whole family.
It's if the kids travel alone that they won't be covered.

Although, they can get cover for 1/2 the adult price if travelling alone.

The kids go free bit applies not just when travelling with parents, but also if travelling with grandparents, aunt, uncle or legal guardians if the adults have the PO policy

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