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At the moment I a paying £16pcm for full CH cover,renewal is coming up.
Dial a Rod does the same cover for £12.75 pcm.Has anyone any experience of this company(I thought they only dealt with sewers)with central heating,efficiency on call out etc.
Maybe you Know a better company?
17:15 Mon 31st Oct 2011
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I'm not sure I can help, but I think you may be confusing Dial a Rod with DynoRod that I have heard of and which has been around for many years. I tried looking up DialaRod and it seems they were only recently incorporated less than a year ago on December 2010 with a share capital of £2. Their company office is registered in Dartford. I am not suggesting that this is a problem, but it would explains why there is not much history or information about the company anywhere to help decide who would the best to go with.
I have just changed provider to scottishpower who do insurance free for three years...covers boller and heating systems...not too useful if you are not in Scotland though......
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Thanks guys ,yes Alfama I was confusing one with the other.

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