Washing machine seal

Does anyone know how to clean gunge from the seal of a washing machine, have tried hot water and tried to rub it off but no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated. tia
22:22 Fri 24th Sep 2010
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If it's partly black .. you will not get it all off. It's very rubbery, so will stain permanently eventually.
Spray in the folds (I presume you are referring to the main door seal) with Flash kitchen or bathroom, or rub with Jif cream cleaner.
mould and mildew spray or white vinegar, will help a bit wont get it all off. And always leave door open after a wash
I always keep the bathroom door shut when I'm having a wash! ; )
Be careful not to rub too vigorously or pull it about because you may damage the seal. While you may find the mark left there unsightly, it really does no harm - most machines aquire one within a year or two.

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