Flickering dimmer switch

Can anyone tell me how to stop a 40w bulb connected to a 60w maximum dimmer switch stop flickering when it is turned up to the max. I have tried replacing it with a 60w bulb but it still flickers. where is the fault. Is the switch conected incorectly or is the ceiling connecter incorrect. it is in a nursery and is starting to freak out my little boy he is only 8 weeks old .
13:05 Wed 03rd Nov 2004
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Are you using a filament bulb or an energy saving bulb? Most energy saving bulbs will not work with dimmer switches and will flicker. Most dimmer switches provide a voltage restriction, not power (amps, which at fixed voltages might as well equal watts) so the bulb being a lower wattage than the maximum wattage for the dimmer switch shouldn't effect it's performance. Does it flicker while dimmed at half light as well, or just when turned to full?
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The flickering stops when the light is at half power but as you turn up the the switch the flickering starts. 
If you're using a normal filament bulb and still getting the same problem, I would suggest that the dimmer switch is at fault.
Sounds likely, how old does the dimmer switch look? It shouldn't be too hard to solve it, (not much complex involved in a dimmer switch) or get an electrician to check or replace it (only a small job).

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