Daewoo fridge/freezer

I have a large american style daewoo fridge/freezer at home which is causing a few probs and wonder if anyone can explain or help sort out the problem.
It is about 7 years old and is causing all our sockets to occasionally trip out.
The problem started about 9 months ago and after eventually isolating that the fridge was causing the problem (it would trip regularly every 62 mins) it was left off for a few months. When tried again, it worked ok until a few days ago when it started tripping occasionally and has now got back to the every 60 minutes scenario.
It has been checked by a fridge engineer and the house wiring has also been checked by an electrician.
Obviously, it can't be trusted for food and is currently being used as an expensive drinks chiller, but is also too good to be scrapped.
Any ideas would be appreciated!
13:00 Fri 19th Dec 2008
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It is the house wiring at fault.
The device is presumably tripping the RCD, which when knocks off trips all the devices under its control. RCDs are generally connected to all the ring mains in the property (13A socket rings).
Did the electrician explain what was happening in words of small syllables? - there is an intermittant fault with the device that means either the Live or Neutral (return) path is leaking too much electricity down to earth. RCDs work by detecting this imbalance - because it can help prevent severe electric shock. Now I am not suggesting that your fridge is out-and-out dangerous - its leakage is just too much at one particular cycle within the operation of the fridge. Rather hard to diagnose further without testing it.
Fundamental failure in the first line! - it is NOT the house wiring at fault.
Question Author
Tks for that. I was fairly sure that it is down to the fridge. What seems to have everyone scratching their heads is that the trip is so regular at 62 minutes. However this does not appear to coincide with the cooling motor starting up etc.
I could try to order a new control panel pcb, buit no guarantee that is the problem
I agree about the 62 minute thing - very odd.
These things have an ice-maker don't they? - could it be that some part of the machine (like the ice maker, maybe) are driven on a time-based frequency - rather than a temperature-driven cycle (which is going to vary according to the ambient plus how many times the door gets opened).
The way I would sort this is progressively isolate the various parts of the machine to get to the bottom of what (when disabled) stops the tripping - if you are up for a bit of fishing around with the gubbins (technical term).
Question Author
tks again - looks like its the hard way after all!

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