what time does night time electricity start

i know daytime comes in at 7am gmt
21:06 Thu 09th Oct 2008
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are you talking about economy 7??
Different supply companies may have slightly differing times. For an exact answer, check your supplier's website (or post again, telling us which company you're with). However, it's usually around midnight. (That's why it's called 'Economy 7' - because it's available for 7 hours):

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our suppier is EON. we have rate 1 and rate 2 day and night thanks in advance
Sod of whiffy
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k9 fott
didn't catch that
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found the answer.it was on the meter all the time 00.00 to 07.00 GMT.the meter at the moment is 1 hour slow so cheap elec comes in at midnight by the meter and 1am by our clocks so i suppose when clocks go back they should tally???or will they?

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