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dishwasher tabs

I have just had a dishwasher and would like to know if the little tablet you put in the detergent compartment is supposed to pop out again after about five mins once the appliance has started? It doesn't say anything in my manual but I can hear it happen and if I open the door it is on the floor with the water!!! Can anyone help me please???
16:39 Fri 09th May 2008
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Mine used to do it too so I assume they are supposed to!
yes, thats exactly whats suppose to happen, it then dissolves in the water and washes. Much the same principle as a washing machine, They are a lovely novelty at first b ut in a week you will hate emptying it ! It does help keep a tidy kitchen though, enjoy
yes, it is supposed to happen, that is how dishwashers work. I guess you never have had one before?
No room for one in our rented house - boy do I miss it!!!
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Thanks you guys. Yep you guessed right I'm a dishwasher virgin. So I won't call out the engineer again!!!!
you called the engineer out?
bet he was happy about that

i'm surprised you managed to get an engineer, hotpoint and indesit ones are no where to be found
You could do a test yourself. Put a tablet in. Then with the door open turn the knob until the tablet is released. This will show the exact moment on your dial when the release of the tablet takes place.

ps. don't turn on the machine when testing this.
that depends whether it as a mechanical timer, if its electronic, its impossible to test.
put it this way, if the dishes are clean when they come out, its working!
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Thanks all. It's a brand new dishwasher ansd it is electronic, but hey the engineer never complained. I feel like a total wally, but I know now. Thanks. lol

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