Lost plug for bath.

Has anyone got a quick tip for stopping the water going down the plughole of the bath as I've lost the plug thing.
21:37 Mon 27th Aug 2007
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the plughole should be a standard size so the plug is easily replaced.maybe borrow one from a washbasin for the time being?
In an emergency, you can use a the lid off a jam jar or something like that.

Seriously, it works.
jamming a face flannel in the plughole should do as a quick fix.
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Turn the tap off!!
I once saw a prog in the 1980's with Clive James in Communist Russia where the hotels had no plugs either. What he did was to get a squash ball which fit the plug hole perfectly. You could try that or any rubber dog ball.
I've always found that vomit tends to block the plughole - whether you want it to, or not...
i have been told that a golf ball does the trick due to it's weight and size and if you accidently knock it off it will roll back into place
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Darn, I was in the co-op today and I forgot to buy one. Looks like I'm gonna have to stick to the baby sock for a while yet. I prefer showers anyway. Thanks for (most of) the suggestions guys.
you should be able to buy 'universal plugs' - rubber, wide enough to fit any plughole. I got one before going to the Soviet Union in the 1970s, which meant that I didn't have to perform Clive James's silly improvisations. (I bet he knew about the lack of plugs but thought squash balls would make for cuter TV.)
I've used one of those Rubber Jar Opener/Gripper thing-ys - the ones that help you open a jar lid when it's stuck. Just hold it over the drain while filling the tub until you have enough water to hold it in place.

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