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My local post box says its for metered and franked mail only - what is metered mail? what is franked mail? If i put normal mail in this post box will royal mail still send it for my anyway?
Please help
18:39 Wed 25th Oct 2006
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Some businesses use franking machines to pay for their postage instead of stamps. Look at a bill or similar that's been sent to you - the red postage mark that's in the top right corner (where the stamp should be) is 'franked'.

I've put stamped mail in metered post only boxes before and it's got there. But it's probably delayed by the sorting machinery that the Royal Mail use. I'm not sure (I don't work for the RM) but there's probably a different procedure for sorting stamped mail as oppose to franked mail.
I'm afraid that I've never heard of metered mail Mkjuk.

However, franking machines are used by organisations such as businesses that have large amounts of mail to post every day. Rather than buy loads of stamps and sit sticking them on every letter, the company just buys credit for their franking machine from the Post Office. Once the credit is registered on the machine, the post is then quickly run through the machine which prints those red franking stamps on the envelope to show that postage has been paid.

It sounds to me as if your post box is reserved only for commercial mail rather than public. Maybe its easy to deal with commercial post like that rather than to have it mixed up with private birthday cards and letters etc. That's just a guess though.
i think metered mail is the one where its already printed onto the envelope
Royal Mail need to keep franked and stamped mail seperate for sorting reasons - especially since Pricing in Proportion came into effect in late August.
Most companies received new franking machines, which automatically weigh and measure the envelopes and will adjust the price accordingly, these letters can be sent straight out. Whereas they still have to check stamped mail as someone may have misunderstood the new methods.... Either way, if you put it in the franked mail box it will still get there... Dont' put too many in, as they can return them to the sender!
Guys - this is an ancillary question rather than an answer! I have just bought online postage from the Royal Mail website - so now have a franked Large Letter to post.

Is there a directory or listing of where these Franked Post Boxes are located locally? I am based in Milton Keynes. I know I can take this Large Letter to a Post Office - but there are often longish queues at these - precisely why I have decided to start using the online Royal Mail service!

Or do I just drive around looking for some Post Boxes?

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