Perspex Super Clean Help, Secret Cleaning Remedies For Perspex

I have sheets off perspex with masking tape, glue, spray mount, scuff marks and residue, I would love to get them back to their original spotless state but don't know how, what products to use or anything.

Can anyone dispense any possible wisdom they may have.

happy max
10:07 Thu 13th Jun 2013
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You could try surgical spirit. But would test on a corner first.
if the perspex is scuffed ie.damaged then it will probably never be viable to remove the damage, other wise try a suitable solvent but as mxyzptlk said, try it on an unseen bit as a tester.
What is the perspex being used for, if it is thick and just being used as a work surface you could even try an electric orbital sander.
If it is clear perspex as used in windows, I doubt that you will get it back to a new condition. You may be interested in the following:-

That's strange. I watched the You Tube video before posting and it worked but now it doesn't seem to.

Try You Tube and 'bump-in' ...Cleaning Perspex. There are a number of videos on the subject.

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cheers guys, i'll try these out :)

RATTER15, the perspex is 8mm thick, I do have spare perspex so I will try the sander out on that :) thanks a bunch guys,

and if anyone else has any other ideas keep them coming ;) really appreciate it
There is a product called Meguiar's PlastX Plastic Polish (available from amazon) which promises to restore the new look of all kinds of clear plastics.

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