If 13% was £35 increase on something (1 off)

What would the original figure have been?
11:43 Thu 01st Dec 2011
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I don't understand the one off bit.
35 / 0.13 = 269.230769
£35 = 113/100. To find original cost, £35 x 100/113
Question Author
Thanks Chuck

Thought it would've been around that. One off Factor means QTY 1 off!
If £35 = 13%
£2.69 = 1%
£269 = 100%
(rounded up/down)

Homework ?
Not sure I understand the question, but if something cost £260.23 and the price went up by 13% the new price would be £35 higher, i.e. £304.23
ignore my answers. I failed maths GCSE.
Errr, sandy,

I'm pretty sure 35 can't be 13% of 30.973
I mistyped that- it should say £269.23, but the total new price was right - £304.23
I think I was looking for 87% of £35 and have got lost in the process.
Aye £35 was the increase not the final price.

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