replacement 2 brackets ?

I purchased a shower screen less than a year ago from ebay and two small brackets that support the shelves have failed and broken.Am i entitled to ask seller for free replacement 2 brackets?
19:52 Tue 27th Sep 2011
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Well you can ask they may say yes. Was it new ? Was it a business or a private seller. Is it wear and tear faulty product or have the children been swinging on it? I have never seen a shower screen with shelves.
I think this is a wind-up
Question Author
business seller , it was new
shelves are small and corner located with 3 brackets/supports
-- answer removed --
how do you mean 'fail'? if the beracket snapped then you ma
may have cause for complaint, but it it just came off
the wall then its your bad installation thats the problem
I doubt it very much!

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