Air in radiator system

My upstairs radiators frequently need bleeding. When they`ve been bled and I put the heating on, there are some almighty noises that sound like air shifting in the system. A day or so later, they need bleeding again. Sometimes after bleeding them, I`ve let more water into the system as well. How does air get into a central heating system? Where does it come from and how do I stop it happening?
10:26 Sat 04th Dec 2010
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When new water is added to a central heating system, a certain amount of air also enters the system. The action of the impeller of the pump will also 'create' a certain amount of air.
Electrolysis in the pipework will also create gases in the system.
Unlikely to be air - almost certainly it is hydrogen gas - a by-product of the chemical action of the water on the steel innerds of the radiator. The other by-product is magnetite - black iron sludge which gradually collects in the system.
What? - you have inadequate or no corrosion inhibitor in the system? - best get onto it before the radiators get eaten alive and start leaking.
never bleed a radiator with the heating pump on, turn the heating off, then bleed.
Errrrrrrrrrrrr... why not? What urban myth is that?

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