is there minimum distance neighbour can grow leylandi from side of my house,?
21:46 Mon 09th Aug 2010
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Shame they cannot all be banned and cut down tho. Ruddy things.
It's not particularly deep or wide rooted tho .. unlikely to give foundation trouble like Willow or Poplars can.
We have leylandi in our garden, between one side of neighbours house and ours and i think they get a bit of a bad press! leylandi are great for hedging as long as there kept at a reasonable level. i hedge clip mine twice a year maybe three times i keep them about 6ft high and they give me excellent privacy.
unfortunalty these can grow extemely high 14-17ft i believe and people plant them then leave them and thats when disputes begin.
if they have just planted them why dont you ask how high theny intend to let them grow?
Its the only way, clipping 2 or 3 times a year, still dont think they are suitable for a small garden tho................and as for height, left to their own devices........ as much as 50'+ in as little as 20 years, sucking out moisture, blotting out sunlight and mega bucks to deal with!! By the way I dont like 'em!!
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