how do i get rid of a wasps nest in my eaves?

19:48 Mon 26th Jul 2010
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there's some stuff here

The council might do it for you, for a fee; so might Rentokil
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the only way is to call in the experts as far as I know
Frankly you need to get a chap in with chemicals.. otherwise they will come back! It'll probably cost you £150 or so... well worth it as they'll come back for 10 years if the wasps re-visit..
there's some stuff here

The council might do it for you, for a fee; so might Rentokil
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thanks jno found nest destroyer kit on that site
If you can get access to the eaves, you may be able to have success by blocking up the hole and shutting the blighters inside. Do it late evening when they cease to fly around. I've had success like this.
As far as I know it isn't true they will keep coming back - entirely random in my experience.
you must never, ever block them in to your loft, they will come down through you ceiling within hours. The safe way is to wait until dusk when they have all come home then puff in the wasp powder, available anywhere very reasonably priced, by the morning they will all be dead, any strugs that did not get home that evening will move on!
Correct .. puff the stuff around late afternoon so they take into nest.
I cover well up a couple of days later and drop the nest off into a fertilizer bag.
We just discovered a hornet's nest in a cottage next to one I am working on .. It's huge .. just above a hatch into a small lean-to roofspace. It's about 14" diameter!
Last year a wasp nest was in a unused bird box so I waited until dusk and sprayed them with wasp killer, next morning not a live one was to be seen, so I opened up the box and inside was a beautiful nest and loads of deadn`s.
Once you bump off the queen, the rest will fly off in search of new crumpet
call in an expert, although if it's up high, you might have to pay more if they need to bring a second person. Our local council don't provide this service, so we have to pay quite a bit of money. And we usually get at least one wasp's nest per summer!
Our council does it for £45 (half price if on benefits)
I got the council wasp man in, he sorted it and it didn't cost much. I;d far rather leave something like that to the experts!
pixieboo - my big sis has just had her wasps' nest treated today for the princely sum of £38 - they will come back again for free if any remain 'lively'.

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