Crack in Bath

I have just noticed a small (1cm) crack in my Bath. Does anyone know of a product that I can buy which will repair the crack and prevent any leaks? The Bath is made of plastic.

Many thanks.
17:56 Thu 01st Jul 2010
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Acrylic baths difficult to repair ... Stood on it?
Only way to stop the crack is to stop-drill it at the very end of the crack, then vee out crack and use a car polyester filler and polish back level.
If coloured, it's possible to colour the filler (to match) before you mix with hardener.
You will never rebond the crack.
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Thanks for your help AlBags. I don't know how the crack got there, but I suspect it was one of my kids messing around in the Bathroom and dropping something heavy in the Bath.
I wouldn’t be so quick to blame one of your offspring. Many years ago I had a plastic bath which suffered a stress crack. Examination of the complete bath revealed that the chipboard support under the bath was inadequate – leading to an inevitable fracture. I was not brave enough to drill the bath as AlBags recommends (which you should do). I just filled the crack with epoxy glue, which every so often would break free and require reapplication, as the crack grew. Again AlBags suggestion of car filler would appear logical – forming a better bond with the bath material than epoxy glue.
I repaired a roll-top freestanding bath a few months ago for a customer. Filler just about matched colour of bath .. customer happy.
Stop drilled at around 3mm.
Try using repair kit from NNREPAIR. They have different kits for different size of cracks and various colors. See

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