eucalyptus tree

i have two large eucalyptus trees in my garden, recently i noticed a split with sap running out of in the trunk of one of the trees,

today i have noticed on the same tree that a large amount of the leaves are turning red, this is not hapening on the other tree

can anyone shed any light on what may be happening
15:24 Tue 22nd Jun 2010
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Are you in Australia danchip ? Koala Bears might be gnawing at the Tree !!
I don't know why one of yours is and the other not but I have a couple of eucalyptus in my garden and they regularly have leaves turning red and dropping off - loads of them in fact. They were probably just little things when the previous owners planted them but both are now massive trees that we are going to have to get professionally lopped. Just a warning that they can grow really big.
Bottle your own Eucalyptus oil : )
Hi AlBags X
Not sure which part of them is meant to produce the oil (sap/resin probably) but mine don't smell and I don't really like them either
Hiya ... x
Leaves ...

I see you are off somewhere quite soon.
I am, for 2 weeks, I'll miss you though!
Likewise .. I hope weather stays as good .. as it was today.

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