Tiny Brown Ants

We have an invasion of minute brown ants and can't seem to find where they are coming from.  They don't seem to crawl in a line or big group, but just meander randomly around the kitchen and are so small they can get into the fridge...then die from frostbite!

Any safe remedies (have babies who will eat anything) thanks

20:08 Mon 15th Nov 2004
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Are you sure they are ants ? I remember seeing tiny insects all around our utility room  and thinking they were ants, it turned out that they were weevils coming from a huge bag of dog biscuits which was in a cupboard.
You should try to catch one of them and take it to Environmental Health/Pest Control at your local council.  If they are what I have they are called Pharaohs ants and need to be professionaly treated as they are a real pain to try to get rid of.  You can check on the following web: http://www.the-piedpiper.co.uk/th3d.htm which will show you what the Pharaoh looks like.  If it is them you can't buy anything to get rid of them as this will only make it worse (I know - 6 weeks into the treatment!)

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