Hi All
our lupins have now finished and we need the piece of ground to grow other things in, can we dig them up and how do you store them for next year.
look forward to hearing from you
many thanks in advance
17:38 Fri 26th Jun 2009
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if you don't mind risking loosing a few, you can pot them up in big pots or move them to another part of the garden. Lift the roots with a big clump of earth, replant at the same depth and water well for a few days until you are sure that they have settled
should add that they will continue to grow until the frost cuts them down. If you cut off the seedheads and feed and water well you might get a second lot of flowers
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many thanks woofgang
have got some deep pots will tranfer water well and keep in shed until i find a pemanent spot for them
thanks for your help
This time of year they'd be better outdoors in their pots
Question Author
thanks again
i have now found a new spot for them and sure enough they have started new growth of leaves
hoprfully another good show of flowers

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