leylandii clippings

I have 4 bags of leyandii clippings which i have shredded

can i use them as a mulch straight away or do they have to rot down. 

15:53 Wed 03rd Nov 2004
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Leylandii clippings are not very good for mulching . Ihave a good bonfire with mine.
depends on why you want to mulch. If you want to keep down weeds and retain moisture, then they are fine, They won't have much nutrient value and may actually draw nutrients from the soil as they decompose though. The wonderful man who does my garden comes about twice a year and does the heavy pruning (not Mr Woofgang!!) He chips everthing he prunes unless it is diseased, along with recent prunings from other jobs and spreads it under my trees and on the mixed shrub and rose border. It smells wonderful and gradually breaks down,. My soil used to be practically pure clay but after 8 years of this it is fabulous, fertile and crumbly....also WAY cheaper than bags of chippings from the nursery, or even bulk purchase
The bonfire is the best suggestion. All conifers tend to poison the soil. Walk through conifer woodland and see what  little grows there.

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