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I have x6 50w halogen down lights in my lounge. I now have a dimmer fitted and my friend says that it costs the same to run these whether they are dimmed or this true?
15:32 Tue 24th Feb 2009
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Your friend is wrong. The dimmer reduces the amount of power provided to the lights. That's why they dim. A modern solid state dimmer cuts off part of the AC cycle supplied to the lights, thus cutting off part of the power the lights would otherwise use.
Agreed. It's the friend who is dim, not the lights.
That answer settles an argument I`ve had in the past........Thankyou..... both.
The other advantage is that the bulbs will probably last longer, because the most stress is put onto a bulb at initial switch-on, and having a dimmer in the circuit in most cases does not zap 240V straight across the bulb. instantaneously - even if the dimmer spindle is turned high. The voltage rises quickly but not instantly.
Depends on the dimmer. The old rheostat/voltage divider type will use as much power whether dimmed or not, but the newer type operates by fast switching or something like that and are much more efficient.

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