Cleaning a sheepskin coat

I've recently acquired a pre-loved sheepskin � a perfect fit but it stinks as well as having a faded collar.

I don't want to pay �50 to the specialist dry cleaners, so does anyone have any ideas how to spruce it up a bit?

I was thinking of using some sort of hair dye on the collar (it should be dark brown like the rest of the coat, but it is almost green!). Do you think that would work?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
16:45 Wed 14th Jan 2009
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A dark brown sheepskin coat?

You should take it to Flog It or Dickinsons Real Deal, old things like that fetch good money
Question Author
Try getting hold of one - it'll cost you a small fortune. Just look at the prices on Ebay.

Mark my words Elvis68 - this time next year, we'll all be wearing one! (Think Arfur Daly and the return of Minder!!)

Anyway, let me know if you find out how to get them clean.
someone told me once that baby wipes would clean a sheepskin coat well. never tried it myself but maybe you could try it on an area that won't show too much if it doesn't work.

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