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Our toilet cistern makes one hell of a noise when re-filling. I understand there is a devise which can be fitted which helps reduce the noise. I've tried a couple of local DIY stores but they have not heard of it. Any ideas?
09:52 Fri 19th Dec 2008
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If you mean the sound of the water refilling then all you need do is fit a pipe from the water inlet inside the cistern to near the bottom of the cistern. Cuts out most of the noise.
if the cistern is on mains and you you modify the valve in that manner you could contaminate your house mains water you need to fit a approved silent feed valve here oilet-Fittings/Compact-Bottom-Inlet-Valve;jses sionid=MKAPJUHL5FYBICSTHZOCFEY or a side inlet hth Tez
mine sounds like a foghorn, I tend to just run the taps after to shut it up.
just another thought if you have a service valve (screw slotted type) nearby and it has been turned down to try and reduce the flow and subsequent noise then it has the opposite affect hth Tez
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Thanks. You advice is very much appreciated.
if your wc has started to make a noise when refilling it is only a worn washer in the ballvalve, but for a silent fill i would reccomend a torbeck ballvalve.
could be something as simple as a small piece of dirt/grit in the valve, take it apart (very easy job) and smack it on something hard to see if it dislodges anything
you will probably need to replace the valve within the system to stop the pipes vibrating.

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