Worcester 24i boiler help!

Just moved house and there are no instructions left with the boiler. It's a Worcester 24i. The hot water and central heating are working but the central heating timer doesn't seem to work. Found the instruction manual on the worcester-bosch website but theres no mention of the timer. Does anyone know either how this should work, or where I can get a manual containing this info?
Also, can you still get parts for this model of boiler?
Thanks in advance.
08:26 Mon 01st Sep 2008
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Normally with these boilers you have a round mechanical timer. These have little tappits round the outside that you either push in or leave where they are.If i remember right in is for on and out for off. Then you have a little lever on it that you alter . it has 3 settings , the middle is normally off . If you put it to correspond with a little clock sign, thats on timed, then the other one thats left is continuous.
You can still get parts for these boilers, but a little tip , the hot water is normally very slow to come through, and there is a delay on the central heating when water has been used. Hope this helps
ring or email worcesters and ask them for a manual for the timer, they're usually pretty helpful.

is it a built in mechanical or digital timer or has someone added an external programmer?
Question Author
Thanks for your answers.
It's a mechanical timer as described by Steviegb. It's built in, however the manual for the boiler has no mention of it. The options are I, 0 or Auto. Think the timer may be broken,(0 gives us hot water only, I switches on the heating, by default I assume Auto would give us timed heating, but just seems to be hot water) so if parts are still available should be able to get this replaced?
As suggested I'll contact Worcesters and see if theres anything I'm missing with setting the timer.
I is continuous , O is off and auto is controlled by the tappits as described before. You must have your room thermostat turned up or if you have thermostatic rad valves they must be turned on for your central heating to work.
You will have a little arrow on your timer which must corrrespond to the right time of day. You can simply alter this by manually turning the clock round with your fingers.
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Thanks again Steviegb - thats what I thought. Think it needs a new timer unit as I've noticed that the dial is not keeping time either.
Don't think we've got a thermostat (not that I've found) but we do have the thermostatic valves on some of the radiators, they are turned on as we get central heating when the switch is turned to I.

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