Painting Pine Furniture.

I want to makeover my bedroom at a reasonable cost.
I have pine wardrobes - bedside lockers, and chests of drawers. I was thinking of painting them lighter, then buying darker accessories and picture frames, lights etc.
Is it easy to paint pine? and if so would I need to do two coats, just thinking of the time involved with 3 wardrobes 2 bedside cabinets, and 3 chests of drawers !
Any ideas out there please?
21:49 Fri 23rd May 2008
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You should give it all a light sanding down first which will take ages, but preparation is a must.
Will probably take 2 coats of paint.
get the dulux primer that is for wood and either the dulux gloss or matt paint in whatever colour u decide. they are the ones in the plastice tubs with screw lid. if u use the primer it should only take one coat of paint. we were doin the kids rooms and bought plain pine furniture and have painted they white and lilac and white and blue, they look great but the primer is essential as my hubby found out, putting the paint straight on doesnt dry even after 3 days, hence lots of sanding later and primer added one coat did the trick and it dried by the next day.
just to add, I transformed some furniture a while back using Ronseal Paint & Grain paint maybe worth you having look at the Ronseal site? Preparation is definitely the key to a good finish as has been mentioned in a previous reply. good luck
Does your pine furniture have a lacquered or waxed finish?
Lacquered, not much you can do except use paint and varnish stripper and a lot of sanding until you cut back to the raw wood and then you start again, more trouble than its worth perhaps????
Waxed finish. Remove the wax with a product called Libnet made by Liberon UK. This company manufactures everything possible for wood finishing
Back to your question "Is it easy to paint pine" The answer is YES Treat it like old painted surfaces scratch it up a bit to get some purchase add undercoat sand down and add top paint.
Considering your original post of making over wardrobes bedside lockers and chests of drawers>Frankly if you dont knopw what your doing ,rip the bedroom out and start agin
I used satin finish paint ,rubbed down a bit first ( not enough according to OH ) and then used a gloss small roller .V quick and brilliant finish. Did it a couple of years ago and still looks good.
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Thanks to all for your comments.

ColCraddock - all furniture is lightly varnished - all free standing, and made specially for me - so really cant just "get rid of them" just want a lighter colour now, as apart from that they are in really good order.
I am quite prepared to spend time on the prep - but as I say I now just want something different at a low cost.

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