Toilet Cistern Dripping

Hi.Our bathroom is is in the eaves and we have a Saniflow Plus system (hopefully someone will understand!) I noticed last week that the pump was going off briefly a few times during the night (annoying as it's over our bedroom) I've had a look and the filler tap in the cistern is filling properly, after flushing, then slowly trickling and dripping causing excess water to go down the overflow pipe...this makes the pump start.The water level is obviously a little too high and even though I'm not a plumber I know the tap should not carry on dripping.Does anyone know what I can do?Sorry for such a long winded explanation.And before anyone says call a plumber I'm trying to see if I can do anything cheaper myself first!! Many thanks.
17:21 Wed 16th Apr 2008
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The ball valve washer needs replacing,you may be able to temporarily reduce the problem by lowering the float level,This me ns either slightly bending the arm down,or depending on the set-up you may find the float is mounted in a way that lets you lower it.Long term its a new washer.
Check the above post's advice first.

Here is the advice from Saniflow website of what to check if the motor activates after a flush.

Repeated starting of pump
Sometimes the pump will start up more than once after a flush. Please check the following:

Overflow Tube. Lift the lid and check the overflow tube (typically a black hose running from the fill valve to the flush valve) to see if it is attached to the overflow tube in such a manner that water sprays into the overflow tube. If so, move the clip so that water now sprays into the reservoir. This type of toilet does not need to have the trapway refilled after a flush. Or, some silicone squirted into the tube will stop water from flowing through the tube.

Flush Valve. Also check for leaking of the flush valve into the toilet. To easily check add a few drops of food dye into the tank until the water is slightly colored and then observe the back wall of the bowl for any colored water to drip down. If this happens it means that the flush valve is leaking and need to be replaced.

Fill Valve. Observe the water level in the tank. It must be level with the water level mark. If the water level is above the watermark, the float of the fill valve needs to be adjusted down. Similarly, if the water level in the tank is too low, the float must be adjusted up.
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Thanks to you both so much,that is so helpful..thanks very much for the advice.
It may well be as Ian says, however modern cisterns tend not to have 'ball valves' but have Torbeck valves instead. The general principle is the same - there is a mechanical arm that rises as the water flows into the cistern and it is supposed to cut the flow.
There's a picture of a Torbeck here. s.htm
Work out what you have before setting off to buy a replacement.
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Thanks buildersmate.I missed that you'd also answered.I thought you might though! Have learnt loads from your answers to other questions....cheers.

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