changing washers on mixer tap?

My kitchen mixer tap has increased from a steady drip to a constant dribble (getting more by the day).
Can anyone provide an idiots guide to changing the washer(s) for a single female with a small toobox - bearing in mind I probably don't know the correct terms for parts or tools?

I am trying to avoid having to call a plumber out for this, particularly at this time of the year when it would no doubt be premium rates.
16:14 Thu 27th Dec 2007
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Here you go. It's fairly easy, but some tips (they may sound obvious but at one point or other I've forgotten one or more of these and it gets messy...)
1. Make sure you turn off the water - mains and hot.
2. Put the plug in - if you drop anything it's a ****** to get out of the u bend.
3. Make sure you have the tools.
4. make sure that if you're replacing a washer that you bring the old one - or the whole interior attachment - to the plumbing supplies shop to ensure you get exactly the right replacement. This is crucial - the wrong washer will be a disaster!
actually this is a better link - although it's a US one so refers to 'faucet' rather than tap etc

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