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Does anyone know what the symbol to indicate an item is dishwasher safe is? I have seen a symbol on some plastic items that looks like a wine glass with a fork next to it, could that be it? I have searched my instruction book but it just tells me a few items that aren't dishwasher safe. I spent quite a long time searching google but I didn't come across anything. Thanks, Kath.
17:20 Wed 26th Dec 2007
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Yes - that's it.

And if there is a diagonal line through it, it's not suitable for the dishwasher.
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Thank you so much Ethel. xxx
Actually, the fork and wine glass symbol means the item is suitable for food use. It has nothing to do with dishwasher (or microwave) use.
I did a google image search and found the following image of a dish with bubbles around it, with the phrase "Dishwasher Safe" under it. Could that be it? oduct/icon_dishwasher.gif
Yesterday I bought a German made-in-China salad spinner here in Chicago. There's a symbol on the box that looks like the cross-section of a dishwasher showing racks with dishes on them. The print below the symbol is so small that I can't read it. Next to that symbol is the symbol with the drinking glass and fork that was described earlier (safe for food). So it looks like the world has more than one "international" symbol.
Here is a GREAT website that explains the symbols
The Glass and Fork symbol, means that the item is safe for food contact. I don't think that there is a universally recognised, "dishwasher safe" symbol.
Hi, If think that might help Media URL:

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