Approx cost to install ensuite

I am moving house and the one I like has a downstairs bathroom but lots of room upstairs for an ensuite shower room. I want to know a ball-park figure for how much it will cost. It will not be on an outside wall so will need something like a saniflo system and it will involve creating a doorway in an existing wall.
Any help much appreciated!!
14:21 Fri 31st Aug 2007
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how much prepatory work is necessary in order to bring in water supplies and waste outlets, any idea? on my job (new apartments) the plumbers have a vvv low opinion on saniflo systems
im a plumber and i rekon that the suite including a sanipro (made by saniflo which will cater for your shower and basin) toilet, shower tray and cubicle and basin. on the cheap side 750 quid plus labour which all depends on a number of factors. by the way the new saniflo systems I think are very good and not noisy like the old and do a very good job.

as a rough guide i would say no more than 500 quid to fit and thats expensive
hope to be of some help . stu
If the plubming is directly above the downstairs plumbing I would say.....................................

Building work 2000
Plumbing 2000
Suit and fittings 2000
and a 1000 for good measure.

Should have it fully functional and decorated for 7k or under.

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