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Problem trees

I have a few trees behind my fence. they are on common land owned by the council who have refused on several occasions to do anything about them. My neighbour planted the trees about 18 years ago and now they are so big I get no evening sun (yes we do get it, but not very often) after 6.30 - 7pm, so after a hard days work I cant sit in my garden. i am the only person affected by these trees and its is to say the least very annoying. Iheard that rusty nails are supposed to be good to get rid of trees, but is that just an old wives tale? Is there anything else I can do? The council said the trees are theirs and I am not allowed to touch them.
21:18 Sat 07th Jul 2007
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If there is a row of them that appears to constitute a hedge, you could try investigating the high hedges legislation (primarily targetted at leylandii, but applicable to any high hedges) to get them cut.

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