Olive oil stain removal

I spilled some olive oil on a pair of light coloured trousers and it has left a mark that hasn't come out in the wash. Before I trawl the shops for stain removers, can anyone suggest anything? The trousers are made from Tecton/tectel (I think), which appears to be similar to viscose.
12:40 Wed 23rd Jul 2003
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If they are expensive trousers, you could ask the manufacturer.I have heard that toothpaste takes out grease stains, but have never tried this. You could also try neat liquid clothes detergent , the clear kind put on before washing and gently agitated, this has worked for me before. Whatever you do try, patch test on a seam or inside hem first as the cure can be worse than the complaint!!The big point is to avoid heat, so luke warm wash do not iron or tumble dry as this sets the stain.
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Cheers Woofgang, I'll give the neat detergent a go and perhaps toothpaste on an inconspicuous area. They're not expensive trousers, but a fave pair from Next last year, which appear to be now discontinued.
Rub a bit of washing up liquid into the stain before putting in the wash - it usually works for me. After all, it's designed to break down fat/oil/grease on plates!
If you cover the stain in talcum powder and leave over night, the talcum powder absorbs the grease. Andy

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