running cost of electric oil filled radiator

Would anyone know the cost to run an oil filled radiator 2kw an hour.? what would be the difference between that and a convector heated.?
23:11 Thu 28th Sep 2006
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Hi Lilacben,

No matter what type of heater you use the cost is based on what your supplier charges. I.E. have a look at your last bill, it will tell you what your supplier charges per unit. A unit is 1kw per hour.

E.G. if your charge is 10p per unit then the cost of a 1kw heater would be 10p per hour - 2kw heater would be 20p per hour - a 3kw heater would be 30p per hour and so on.This is exactly the same for all your electrical appliances.

Have a look at the label on each appliance and it will tell you the wattage, you can then work out what the cost is per hour.

This assumesthat your heater has not got a thermostat - And cuts out....

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