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grass cutting

Can you mow the grass if the grass is wet. i.e. after the deluge of rain we had yesterday. Have just come back from 2 weeks hols to a nightmare and no really hot weather is forecast so need to do something quick
11:30 Sun 28th May 2006
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its not a great idea to cut it when wet as u risk churning it up - but if you must its best with a hover or if you have a conventional lawn mower set it on its highest setting - cut - & then cut it again at a lower setting but not your normal one. hope this helps.

If you do mow when the grass is wet, and your mower is electric, don't forget to use a circuit breaker, or you may end up fried to a crisp.

A petrol strimmer might be the answer.

Just don't strim it too close though - you could end up with a very bald lawn.
I sometimes cut the grass reluctantly when its wet, as i'm never sure if i'm gonna get another chance before it gets out of hand. it makes a bit of a mess and some of the grass will lay flat and spring up later, but I take my chances when I can, due to my busy schedule. Dull dry overcast days preferable, blazzing hot mid-day sun can turn it brown but it will always green up agian. Good Luck.

Expect you've probably made a decision by now and either done it, or are looking out at today's showers and cursing that you missed a window of opportunity yesterday! Oh, the fun of having a garden!

If it's a small lawn and it's wet, often you can make it mowable by first brushing with a stiff brush to remove any surplus moisture from the blades of grass. Then set the mower blades at higher than normal if your mower has this option. It may make for a messy cut but grass soon recovers and when you're busy you just have to fit jobs in when there's time.

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