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How much should it cost to move an electricity meter. It is already on an outside wall, but I am having an extension built and the wall is being knocked down!
11:30 Mon 30th Jan 2006
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If it helps, a neighbour recently had a gas meter moved from an integral garage they were converting into a downstairs room to the outside side wall of the house.. It cost �600 but involved digging up the tarmac at the front of the house to locate gas pipes, so I'm not sure this would necessarily be the same in your case. However, I suspect it's bound to be fairly costly.
Hmm. It depends on how far you're moving it and all that jazz, but i think it's about �200. ring your electricity supplier, they should be able to tell you, or give you a number to call for the right place to ask.
We moved ours about 6 weeks ago from inside a cupboard in the dining room (directly underneath the bath - not a good idea!) to outside a different room. We were quoted about �700, and it cost us �55 to pay the electricians (who had rewired the house earlier in the year) to reconnect us. Not had a bill for the removal yet though, hopefully they've forgotten about us!................................
not sure you'd be allowed to do it yourself anyway.
Not even allowed to install plugs any more!
Contact your electricity board (without letting on who you are!) and find out the law.
I am having both my electric and gas meters moved, as like many other people I am converting my garage into an internal room and want the meters out of the way. I rang Powergen, my cobined gas and electricity supplier, and they gave me the numbers for 2 seperate companies, each to whom they must sub-contract the work too. For the gas, I was delighted to find out that it would only cost about �350 to move. However, I was fairly alarmed to find out that the electric meter would costs a minimum of �700 just to move it! I'm not quite sure what the rationale is behind there being such a difference in price. I am currently trying to find out if it is possible to find alternative (and potentially cheaper!) quotes and if so who from. Any advice would be gratefully received!

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