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When I put Powder or Liquid into the Washing Machine drawer, it doesnt go into the machine and at the end of the cycle the clothes have just been washed in water and with all the powder/liquid gunged up in the drawer - what is the problem?
13:18 Sun 08th Jan 2006
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you will probably find that there are two compartments for the washing powder or liquid. Depending on what wash is selected from the programme it will fill one of the two compartments to take down the powder or the liquid, I think from the sound of it you are filling the compartment for a hot wash and the selecting a cooler wash cycle. Try using the other compartment and see if that helps, if it doesn't, I don't know what to suggest I'm afraid.
What you have to do is use the machine empty, make it start filling and then slightly open the soap drawer just enough to see if the water is actually going in the correct compartment. If it is not then disconnect the power supply, remove the top of the machine and inspect the top of the soap container, on most machines there is a thin wire rod connecting from this to the program controller. This wire rod moves the water to go to the correct compartment for each part of the cycle, if it breaks or falls off, then the water will go in only one compartment and it might be the wrong one for your cycle.
If you can't fix it or dont want to open the machine then look to see which compartment the water goes to and then put your powder in that one only.
If this doesn't work, see if you can buy one of those plastic ball-type containers with an opening into which you pour your washing machine liquid and then put it in the machine with your clothes. (They were supplied by the washing machine power/liquid manufacturers). I always use this method now as previously I found my washing machine drawer never completely emptied of soap and became rather yukky.

Could the problem that your soap drawer is all gunged up? They can be quite easily removed and cleaned.

I'd agree with PhilBy and start by cleaning out the drawer, take it right out, give it a good clean and also clean where the drawer goes. Then put your machine on the hottest wash with no powder in to give it a good clean (this is recommended every 6-8 weeks anyway).
try putting your washer on a cycle with the hotest wash (90 or 95) with no clothes in and let it run the cycle this should melt down any gunge (stuck soap powder) in the machine if there is any

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