Fusty Water From Tap

I don't drink from the new cold water tap in my new bathroom basin , but when I rinse my mouth with that water after brushing my teeth, I notice a slightly fusty taste/smell to the water. If I run the tap for quite a long time, the fustiness fades a bit. My plumber denies there is any fustiness, since ( he says) the water comes direct from the connection after the downstairs stopcock. The other taps don't have this fustiness -
any ideas ?
15:48 Sat 01st Mar 2014
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Maybe it's tainted from the pipes it sits in, if there are any plastic parts of the pipe work. Once you run the water, then the tainted water is flushed through.
When we had our tourer it was a well discussed problem which some people noticed and found really unpleasant, others didn't even notice and would say there was nothing wrong with the water. I believe it's something to do with our individual taste/smell mechanism.
Possibly ......... you say a new tap? If the pipework is new as well, and it's soldered copper tube, then quite possibly remains of solder flux.
It'll rinse through very soon.
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It's been a year.
In that case, Atalanta, there is no difference between that tap and the rest of the house if they all come from the rising main.
It's the same water.

Nothing I can think of, I'm afraid.

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