Topping up CH system

I am topping up the central heating most days (leaking radiator that himself has yet to fix). Can I leave the plastic turning thing in or do I have to take it out each time I do it? Thank you
21:21 Tue 10th Apr 2012
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Can you not isolate the rad. until himself can fix it?
Is it a combi boiler ?
What plastic turning thing?
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The radiator is just leaking even when the ch is not on (don't know what's wrong with it as we didn't put the system in - we rent). Yes, it is a combi boiler (new in October last year). The turning key thing is the thing you put into you can turn the other thing to fill the system back up. It's a pig to get in just the right place and I wondered if it would damage it somehow if I left it in. It's not the end of the world if I have to take it in and out (just save me some swearing each day as I get it in just the right place to make it work properly and not spew water everywhere).
Had same problem sherr. Instruction book says take out but B Gas man says OK to leave in which I have done. Much easier and less swearing.
You can leave the 'thingy' temporarily in place.
The reason why the instructions say to remove it is because in theory it creates a route by which 'non-fresh' water already in the CH system could get back out of the system and into the clean cold mains supply. I said could, but the probability of this happening is the square root of nothing.
The Water Utilities are fussy about this sort of thing - and manufacturers can't be seen to recommend anything that is contrary to the water regulations.
assuming you are talking about a filling loop, mines connected permanently.Shouldnt lose any sleep over it...
In your response you say that you rent. Have you informed the landlord? It's his/her responsibility to get it fixed.
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Hi sidkid, we do minor repairs ourselves. Himself is quite good at fixing things (when he gets round to it) and we like to be 'good' tenants (we even paid for the central heating to be replaced so our landlord wouldn't have to worry about finding the money and then didn't pay any rent until it was 'paid' back, we have also put in a wood burning stove and rigid flue system that we have paid for ourselves).
Sounds like you have a great relationship with your landlord, have you signed any sort of long-term lease as you sound like you intend staying put for a while?

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