Any tips on what might be the problem (before calling a plumber) I have a Britony combi SE (approx 8-9yrs old) thanks in anticipation xx
16:34 Thu 29th Dec 2011
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meant to say that the radiaters are still getting hot !!

Will these instructions Help ??
Possibly, the 3-way valve that diverts hot water to the taps etc instead of the rads, has stuck. It could be a circuit board problem, or even a faulty HW thermostat.
Loads of possibilities. Boiler engineer needed (may be out of the scope of a regular plumber.)
Diverter valve will be one of the first to check.
As will thermal pipe sensor/switches strapped to pipes inside boiler casing.
could be a faulty boiler stat
Question Author
ok thanks guys!! Better look for a plumber! (heating engineer) we,ve just found that if we turn the radiator temperature down to min that eventually hot water will come out of the taps!!! THANKS AGAIN !!!

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