Building Work - Expensive!

We want to have an extension to our three bedroom semi and have found building quotes to be so much more than we and our architect initially thought. The 20% VAT rate isn't helping.....! Have seen on telly that some colleges run a scheme whereby students come and do work for you, supervised by lecturers which saves money. Any ideas where I can find out about this?
10:29 Thu 04th Aug 2011
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at a college?
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Thanks for that bednobs - have contacted local colleges and am waiting to hear. However, wondered whether there was a national website for it.
Sounds like a good scheme. I've never come across it though, so I'm sorry I can't help.
This VAT business............ one of the (legal) ways of getting around it is to open your own account at a local builders' merchants. They'll be only too glad to have your business, and you'll get trade prices etc.
Then, hire local tradesmen who are NOT VAT registered. Get a "labour only" quote from them ........... you provide the materials.
It would need co-operation and compromise from both sides to make it work, but it's often done.
and in additiona to The Builders post above.. remember... cheap can be expensive!!! Be sure to get references from the builder...!!!
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Thanks for the good advice guys.

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