Help stop my clock ticking loudly

I have just bought a clock that I love and don't want to take it back. Trouble Is it ticks so loudly I hate it. How can I silence or soften the sound of the ticking.

Thanks guys
22:51 Sun 08th May 2011
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Take the battery out or put it in a bucket of water.
If it's a free standing one, perhaps standing it on some foam or polystyrene might help to deaden the tick...annoying isn't it when you can hear it about everything else or so it seems.
Stand it on something soft, like a hankie.
Question Author
Sorry didn't mention this is a wall clock
Well it's either foam behind it onto the wall or Scotman's suggestiong lol
Put it in a different room. Maybe the loo !
jayne is right - the ticking will remind you to make a second flush.
And, if the ticking annoys you that much ... it will stop you spending too much time in the loo.
is this now turning into a crap thread?
Ya !
to bed in a minute........!
tick it back to where you bought it .If you tock nicely to them they may give you your money back this time anyway maybe not the second time .Hold on a minute the shops are closed .Thats hour opinion .
Sorry, you can't. I don't hear ticking - OH hears it all the time, I just don't notice it. Our hall clock sounds like yours, we had to put it downstairs.
year spot on with that weecalfie...I'll wait until tomorrow until saying gooday and I know it must be time for the monthly period as I feel so week and decade.

guess it's the hour for bed - see you over there Jayne(?)
I have one like that in the kitchen and if anything needs eavesdropping on, I have to take it down to listen .
I would miss the gentle sound of my Atificial Heart Valve ticking in my chest, cus I`d be dead.
In all seriousness, if it's a battery operated wall clock , stuff some foam or a thick duster into it's interior to reduce what is in effect an echo chamber, which amplifies the sound.


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