letter from landlord to tenant to vacate premises

How do i start ? or can someone give me a basic outline to write a letter to a tenant to vacate premises ?
20:00 Wed 21st Mar 2012
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Dear ?
Under the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement, I hereby give you ??? Months notice to vacate ' insert address' on ' insert date'. I shall / my agent shall inspect the premises on ' insert date' ( same day as tenant leaves would be best) and your bond will be returned by cheque ( or other method if appropriate) immediately following the inspection.
.....and on proper condition and maintenance of the premises being returned as of the inspection.
^^^ and send it recorded delivery.
Good point DT.
You can't just write any old thing. Have a look here.

If you are stuck your CAB should be able to help but take a copy of the lease along with you.

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