Valance/divan trim

Can anyone tell me the difference between these? My new bed has legs, so the valances are redundant. I like to have a top sheet under the duvet and need to be able to tuck it in.
Many thanks
12:54 Fri 19th Sep 2008
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I've always considered a valance and divan trim to be the same thing. It goes on top of the divan base, unlike a valanced sheet which, as it's name suggests, is a sheet with a valance and goes on top of the mattress.

You obviously need the former annemollie, so you can continue to tuck in. Just make sure you read the packet properly before you buy.

In my experience, be it the sheet version or trim, you may find the drop a bit long and a turn under may be needed for neatness. Measure the divan base height before shopping as I think some packs do have the drop size on them, and you may be lucky and get just the right size.
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Thanks, rabbitygirl
We're not well supplied for shops that sell these kinds of things here so will take your advice about measuring and look further afield.

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