Home grown..

Just eaten my first home grown spuds of the year - delicious
Been eating home grown lettuce/radish/mustard for a while too (not forgetting the rhubarb).

What have you been growing?
19:44 Fri 22nd May 2009
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I am growing Dorset Naga chillies for the first time. I sowed 20 seeds in February and 19 germinated. Very much an experiment, as of today the plants are only 3 inches high. Habaneros grow slowly, but even if I get just 5 fruits from each, it will be a rich reward. At 1,000,000 Scoville units, just one of these little beauties will make a large batch of curry very very lively.
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My answer was serious, it didn't drift out of a Basildon pub.
Been having delicious Chard all over the winter, and now the plants are going mad! For anyone who does not know this vegetable, it is between a spinach and a cabbage, very easy to grow and cook. In fact ours self seeded on the allotment.

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